Friday, July 15, 2011

Authorized Personel Only

Is what the sign said on the skatepark, it was closed down for the day due to the painters being there. The city of Richmond decided to paint over all the horrible and ignorant graffiti that was in the park and have a few gnarly ass graffiti artists come in and make it look better.  Me and a few of the regular park rats was lucky enough to be able to get in and hang with them while they painted and have a little sesh.
here are some pics i got..

This is what the park looked like two days ago.
This is after a full day of painting, theres still quite a bit to go but its looking really sick so far.

This guy was there painting all day and I showed up around 5:30 and he continued to paint until around 11. 
straight outta 8 mile

Nobody was really expecting to be able to skate so thanks to chuck and sticco for letting me in and letting me get the footy you see in the previous post. 
check back soon for more updates suckas

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